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For The Holidays- making the Christmas record

Happy Holidays!
The Holiday Season means different things to everyone.
For children it’s filled with excitement and anticipation-
Parents, while being stressed out, most always delight in the smiles and joy of their children.
For grandparents it’s a time for reflection of days gone by-wistful, warm, sad, regretful, proud…a sea of emotions.
I decided that I would do an album of Holiday and Christmas music that I felt strongly about…emotions that I could personally relate to
And share with you
While contemplating what to do it occurred to me that I should present this in a way that made you, the listener, feel like I was in your living room playing in the background while friends and family gathered.
I’ll be posting a new track every few days or week until Thanksgiving when the album will be available for download.
Thanks again for listening

If you send an email to: I will reply with a link for you to download this track.

Best wishes,