Hey there,

I am a film composer, pianist, recording artist,producer, arranger, orchestrator, blah blah blah. Recently I’ve become a student of life, sociology and social networking. I find it fascinating to learn why people connect with one another. I’m an information junkie.

Through my study I’ve come to realize the importance of community, affinities, great story telling and how social media figures in the mix. January 1, 2012 I launched a social media content strategy consulting business. You can see my web page here. My social media Facebook page is here. You can follow me on Twitter: @chimimimusic

Too many films to count, arrangements I’ve forgotten for major artists, live gigs, sessions, all in a days work for the last 35 years.

I’ve been a student of life, fortunate to have been around some pretty amazing people and, hopefully, picked up some wisdom along the way.

Glad you are here and thanks for stopping by.



  1. Natalie Sharpe

    Hi, I am desperate to get hold of your amazing song ‘To Survive’. Ive tried everywhere to buy it in the UK. Is there anywhere Ive missed to purchase this from online?

    • Chris Boardman

      Hi. Thanks for the kind words. Unfortunately it’s not for sale but I can share it with you if I know where to send it. 🙂

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