Clash of the Titans and Fear of the Unknown

This week has been quite a roller coaster ride. The debate over SOPA has caused friction and turmoil for all concerned. My view is complicated and not without some risk attached.

At play here are two competing choices: traditional media companies vs. technology companies. Traditional media can only survive with governmental guarantees that copyright will be respected. On the other hand, Google and Facebook want to control the service (distribution) and not be responsible for what users do. Google and Facebook track every move you make and monetize it. Movies/TV want to put the genie back in the bottle to ensure that they get paid for their efforts. No problem there either.

However, what we have seen as a result of this clash of titans is that technology will trump content by sheer volume. That being said the service providers (google, facebook) cannot survive without great content.

Our culture has shifted from being passive media participants. We now expect to effortlessly create media and immediately share it with our network of friends.  Therein lies the dilemma: how do we control the actions of the participants who have the ability to play by the rules or not depending on their point of view? Will it be possible to gain consensus about the value of copyright or, will we descend into anarchy?

I believe the answer lies in education and civil discourse between all parties to understand how to come together as a whole. I’d appreciate your thoughts.



    • chrisboardman

      I didn’t see this specific article but agree with the premise. We’ve been had by a Trojan horse. That being said-google won’t survive if businesses that use the Internet are not supported. Like I said- Clash of the Titans or David & Goliath. Take your pick.

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