Life has been very stressful lately for a bunch of reason I need not explain. The pressures of living in uncertain times.

So will I’m sitting here at the computer letting all these crazy thoughts stir in my head I looked outside. The garden seemed pretty peaceful.

That made me think: “why am I getting tweaked about stuff I can’t control?”

It reminded me that life is short-for me it will be over before I know it. That there really is nothing worth worrying about.

So, I put on my sweats and I’m heading to the gym.

Thought: Don’t waste time thinking and worrying-get busy, enjoy the day, and above all be grateful for having the opportunity.



  1. soundtrackgeek

    Life can be complicated at times, and no matter how much we hate it, we can’t stop thinking. Thinking is a good thing, right? Not all the time. A lot of the time our thoughts seems to sway in a negative direction. It’s just the way we are built I guess.

    I always say: The only thing you can really control is yourself. Of course, it’s never that simple.

    Enjoy life, be happy, don’t worry too much 🙂

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